The Development and Popularity of VR Casinos

With constant improvement in information technology, we got to the point where we can feel like we are someplace else. Virtual Reality is here and it is advancing at a fast pace. Tools are still being developed for it so people can truly make great VR experiences. The gambling industry is one of the leaders in the VR and they are looking to provide amazing entertainment for the people owning a VR headset. With improvement over the years, this will lead to the very amazing new casino games that will be like best VR casinos.

Online Gambling

Online gambling has started as soon as the internet was out in the wild. Online gambling has been growing at a steady pace since 1994, and new technologies have been adapted to bring it to as many players as possible. However, traditional casino players were not fans of the online casinos. They said it was far from the real visit to a casino. You couldn’t actually look around, online casinos looked just like badly made video games. Well, that’s what VR is about to change. Once you enter the VR casino, you can look around and move around, you can feel like you are actually sitting at the table with people walking around you. You can move your eyes in any direction you desire, instead of looking at the flat screen of your computer.

Welcome to the Age of VR

Many other industries have entered the VR race, but not many are able to make use of it like online casinos. Now, VR casinos can be exact copies of the real world casinos. The building layout, the lighting, people’s behaviour and many other details.

VR Controllers

VR controllers have changed from traditional video game controllers to better adjusted ones to be used in the VR environment. Such controllers are equipped with motion tracking, vibration and buttons who are strategically positioned so a human hand can reach them. Many controllers are in the shape of a handle. In the future we will see different shapes of controllers. I would say that at the end of this road will be a controller in the form of the glove with touch sensors. With this you would be able to reach out and touch and manipulate virtual objects in your hands just as you would in the real world.

VR casinos are here to stay. They are incredibly fun and they offer the experience you can’t otherwise have in an online casino. As VR gets adapted by more and more people, more players will be able to play and enjoy this new way of experiencing things. VR blurs the line in between the reality and the virtual world. The future is here and many people are looking to join the VR revolution. Among other VR headsets, the most popular ones are Oculus Rift, HTC Vive on the PC and on the mobile side there are Samsung Gear and countless Chinese copies of questionable quality. Most VR headsets of today use 1080p resolution per eye. But soon we will have quad HD as well as 4k resolution.