Online Casino Marketing – A Guide

Online casinos are growing more popular. While this means that the market is growing, by the same token we can expect the competition to rise as well. Because of this, online casinos will market themselves how they can wherever they can. Welcome bonuses, loyalty perks, and the promotional code for Virgin Games in 2019 are just some of the methods casinos fight in order to stay in business. What else can casinos do in order to improve their marketing strategy?

Affiliate Programs

While every business worth their salt has a customer base, the way to get the most of it is through affiliate programs. Affiliate programs work on you-scratch-my-back-and-I-scratch-yours principle. Online casinos partner up with websites that have a lot of traffic. These websites don’t necessarily deal with gambling, but they will, on occasion, point their users to the online casino. For every user, visit, or mention, depending on the deal, the online casino will pay a certain amount of money to their partner.

There is a catch, though. You cannot just make a website with a single page that lists a bunch of games of chance, partner up with a casino, and reap the benefits. This is closer to spam and is frowned upon by the general public. This only works if the website itself is a wholesome site with quality content, like when a YouTuber who has been dealing with gaming and trending news gives the promotional link for good headphones in one of their videos.

Strong Social Media Presence

It doesn’t matter whether the business is an online casino or not – strong presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, among others, is a must. Casinos use social media platforms to inform their customers of the latest news, promotions, and changes in their line of work. Those that want to raise the stakes use social media to comment on current events, grabbing on the trends and buzzwords, which leads to exposure.

This means that you don’t have to promote Punto Banco and Poker all the time. You can, for instance, comment on the latest tweets by Donald Trump, give your two cents on the Grammy Awards, and so much more.

YouTube and Google Ads

Cookies are great. If the potential customer has ever googled something even remotely related to online casinos, it is likely that they will see some banners and YouTube ads. While these can be skipped with an app or plugin like AdBlock, some websites lock their content if they notice it. After all, many websites generate revenue almost exclusively from their ads.


This is old-school. Then again, many of the online casino customers are literally old. As weird as it may seem, some people still like to read the newspaper. Now, while online casinos can put an ad in the papers, a much more prudent marketing strategy would be to promote their games, bonuses and grand opening in the form of a public announcement. While this is not as effective as a presence online, you can rest assured that some of your prospective clientele will get the message.