Record Breaking Game Winners

Many online casino players dream about that magic moment when they will get the chance to strike it lucky, transforming their lives forever. Millions of people all around the world play various types of online casino games as well as the lottery in the hopes of getting rich. While this may seem like a pipe dream to some, there are plenty of people who have been lucky enough to turn this fantasy into a reality.

The Most Money Won with Online Bingo

Jackpotjoy offers some of the biggest online bingo prizes around and, in February of 2012, one woman from Nottingham was lucky enough to scoop it up. Gill from Nottingham had been a member of the Jackpotjoy site for less than a year when she entered the Bejeweled Bingo Room and her life changed forever. After purchasing a ticket for just 25 pence, she suddenly won the coveted jackpot, becoming an instant millionaire. Gill used her winnings to buy the house of her dreams and special gifts for her friends and family to mark this very lucky occasion.

The Most Money
Won in a Casino

Many people have won and lost entire fortunes simply by spending a little time playing games in casinos and it is easy to see why this is such a popular pastime with 3_Pokerso many people all around the world. In fact, many lovers of casinos wait years for that lucky brea
k that will change their lives, but the biggest sum ever paid out was actually scored by a novice casino player known as A.D. He scooped up a total of €3,841,871.46, by playing the Casino Rewards Mega Moolah Slot and Casino Rewards flew A.D and his girlfriend to Sydney so that they could receive their check in the luxurious Aria restaurant.

The Most Money Won on the National Lottery

The concept that it could be you was proven true to Chris and Colin Weir in 2011, when they won the jackpot prize of £161,653,000. The jackpot had been rolling over for fourteen weeks to reach this total and the couple was ecstatic.